What is Noni?

Morinda products are made from the morinda citrifolia fruit, more commonly known as noni fruit. In 1996 when Morinda introduced the first commercial noni juice product TAHITIAN NONI® Juice, the juice quickly became known worldwide. Its popularity has grown ever since. Morinda’s line has expanded to include products containing the health benefits of the noni seeds and leaves. The noni fruit is grown on trees in the Tahitian Islands where the soil is rich and the water is pristine.


Noni contains powerful bioactive compounds that impart health maximizing properties. Chief among these are Bioactive Beveragsiridoids which possess a wide range of potential health benefits. They are the reason that so many people have improved health after drinking Tahitian Noni Juice. Iridoids are not common in fruits. In fact the Noni fruit is one of the few fruits in which Iridoids are present. Iridoids are extremely heat and time stable which is important as process and pasteurization involve heat. Iridoids are the primary compound in the Noni that delivers its health benefits.

TruAGE and Thrive Products are Bioactive

A food (including beverages) is known as bioactive when the body can easily digest it and utilize it not just to fulfill basic nutritional needs but brings about physiological benefits that actually improve a person's health. Major sources of bioactive food ingredients are found in vegetables and fruit. Noni is one of the few fruits that has Iridoids and thus is Bioactive.

A Morinda Bioactive's beverage utilizes these types of phytonutients in a liquid form for healthful results. Research has shown that not all bioactive drinks are identical. Some respected juices that are produced from acai, gac or mangosteen fruit, among others, contain carotenoids and flavonoids. Despite the fact that they are healthful, flavonoids and betacarotene quickly degrade if they come in contact with heat and light. For instance it was discovered that after 30 days storage at room temperature the acai fruit pulp's flavonoids lose up to 35% of their stability and 80% after four months. Tahitian Noni Juice, TruAge Max and Extra along with Thrive Original have been shown to be stable, withstanding processing, pasteurization and storage time.

AGE Prevention

Studies done over the years have shown that TAHITIAN NONI Juice and the subsequent Thrive products are able to impact one or more our body’s systems. The testimonies gathered over the years from Independent Product Consultants and customers alike have verified this. It has been shown that they have an impact on an essential physiological indicator called Advanced Glycation End-products or AGEs for short. The premature aging of our bodies both externally as well as internally are to a great extent due to this Advanced Glycation End-products.

Scientific research has shown that TAHITIAN NONI Juice has the capability to lower the accumulation of AGEs in the body. Morinda’s newest product TruAGE MAX has been shown to be the most effective in the area of protecting against premature aging and damage to the body. A clinical study conducted to verify if MAX does lower the accumulation of AGEs confirmed this fact. It is the singular attributes of MAX’s plant-based bioactives that help prevent the formation of AGEs and therefore protect against the damage AGEs are responsible for.


Iridoids are found in the noni impart health maximizing properties. It is a measure of potency in each of the products.

TAHITIAN NONI Juice, the first noni juice has 30 mg of iridoids for each 30 ml serving.

TruAge Max is the newest and the most advanced in health benefits. It has 60 mg of iridoids in a 30 ml serving. Max is composed of more than 350 essential bioactive supplements. Because these bioactives are part of the natural makeup of the noni fruit, the Cornelian Cherry and the olive, they are delivered in the juice in their natural compound state that comes directly from the fruit. Since the natural goodness isn’t synthesized in any way it offers health without the harmful side affects found in pharmaceutics. The fruit contained in TruAge Max are known as medicinal plants because of wide variety of health benefits that result from drinking it.

Thrive Extra delivers 60mg of bioactive iridoids per 30 ml serving with the extra iridoids from olive leaf extract. It has a stronger taste compared to Tahitian Noni Original.

Thrive Pure is a concentrated version with 72mg of bioactive iridoids per 30ml serving and is typically used mixed in juices and drinks. Some people creatively use it in cooking.

Other companies offering juice, capsules, teas, shampoo and soap have tried to break into the market. They have not succeeded because Morinda focuses on quality and its guarantee of customer satisfaction have proved more popular.

Consumers prefer the Morinda brand products because of their quality and consistency. In fact 90% of all worldwide sales on noni products are the Morinda Bioactives brand.


Morinda uses only fruit picked by trained and certified local harvesters in the Tahitian Islands. This ensures that they are picked at the correct time and the fruit's nutrients are preserved. 65% of the fruit is harvested from wild trees while the rest is picked from plantation style fruit orchards. Harvesting, washing and shipping raw fruit provides employment for thousands of families throughout the Tahitian Islands.

The picked fruit is inspected, sealed in plastic liners and placed in large drums for shipment from the small islands to the main processing plant in Mataiea, Tahiti. Quality control information is also recorded and is used to track the fruit from the harvester all the way to the final bottling process and its eventual sale to a consumer. In this manner Morinda can ensure that it knows the exact origins of every bottle. This quality control makes their famous customer satisfaction guarantee possible.


In Mataiea, Tahiti, a specially built processing plant reduces the fruit to a puree and extracts its seeds. The small seeds are later used to manufacture the Tahitian Noni® Seed Oil.

The puree is pasteurized using FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) approved processes and then packaged in large totes to be shipped by sea to the bottling plants in Utah USA, Fukuoka Japan and Shanghai China.

It is important to note that the American FDA requires that all unpasteurized juices must be labeled as such. Morinda proprietary unpasteurization processes ensure both food safety and high quality standards are used throughout their manufacturing systems.


The morinda citrifolia puree is shipped in sealed 320 gallon tote containers. Each container is tracked and retested for purity and safety when it arrives at the three bottling plants in the USA, Japan and China.


Morinda owns the largest and only dedicated noni research facility in the world. “We know more about noni then anybody else.” says Kelly Olsen. This research faculty is a key part of their strategy to ensure that it maintains the very highest quality noni products.


The noni puree is mixed with other components under the scrutiny of highly trained and qualified food processing technicians who ensure that the highest quality standards are followed each and every day. The Tahitian Noni® products are pasteurized a twice because of its passing through various pieces of mixing equipment. The juices are then bottled in their trade marked glass or and sealed with a consumer removable seal. Each bottle is labeled with codes to ensure that the company can trace the juice in the contianer all the way back to the harvesters in the Tahitian Islands should any questions arise regarding quality.

Morinda products are all labeled per the national standards in the countries in which they are sold in. American, Canadian and EU Standards are very high and provide a high quality product even if the production line spans from Tahiti to Japan, China and the USA.

Tablets, Capsules and other Noni Products

Some of Tahitian Noni Interantional's competitors pick the noni fruit in Tahiti or Hawaii, dehydrate it and package it in tablets and capsules. While this masks the strong natural taste of the noni, little is known about the effects of dehydration on the noni’s properties. Morinda has wisely decided to stick with the natural fruit, juice, seeds and leaves and processes them in a manner similar to the traditional methods. While this is more difficult and technologically challenging it has also proven to be more popular with consumers.


Morinda supplies the world with the amazing health benefits of the noni fruit in its purest form. The bioactive iridoids in the Noni ensure that retain their potency until consumed by our customers. These superior product is placed into the hands of consumers the world over guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

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