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Morinda Bioactives has created an unmatched network marketing opportunity. TNI business opportunity is simple, focused and duplicatable to ensure maximum success for Network Marketers.

Welcome to our website. We are Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultants. Most people who visit our website would like to enjoy better health. Morinda Bioactives
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TAHITIAN Noni® Juice contains over 140 identified nutraceuticals over 7 vitamins and some minerals.

TNI's patented manufacturing process adds a small amount of grape juice and blueberry juice to increase the level of antioxidants in their product. Beyond these two fruit juices, no other compounds or preservatives are added. TAHITIAN NONI Juice is simply pure fruit juice.

The pasteurized juice is packaged in recyclable tinted glass bottles to ensure a shelf life of at least 18 months.

Morinda Bioactives products are distributed through a company called TNI Access and a group of independent distributors such as Please note that the sale of TAHITIAN Noni® Juice is controlled by a policy of "Personal Use Only" by TNI Access and Morinda Bioactives These are legal requirements imposed on all Independent Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultants.

Because TNI Access purchases product on behalf of individual Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultants in countries which are open for business under MLM rules and then ships this product to countries where Morinda Bioactives is not YET in business, a number of special restrictions have been put into place. These include the following:

  • Each case of TAHITIAN Noni® Juice is stamped with the words "Personal Use Only".
  • All invoice/packslips from Morinda Bioactives include the words "Personal Use Only".
  • TNI Access will limit the amounts of product purchased by individual distributors to REASONABLE quantities (1-5 cases per month can be considered reasonable).
  • Although TNI Access does NOT give tax advice, it is generally accepted that in those countries with a VAT (Value Added Tax) the final consumer pays said VAT taxes and cannot reclaim them. VAT is included in the price of goods. "Personal Use Only" negates the option for reclaiming VAT paid.
  • TNI Access reserves the right to refuse shipment to any Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultant who fails to follow these restrictions.

Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Soweto, Port Elizabeth

Guiola has been drinking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice since 1997. “My mom was one of the first people to introduce this amazing supplement to Scandinavia, and thanks to her I’ve been drinking it ever since. I strongly believe that this is one of the major reasons for my victories and success, and I plan to keep it that way.”
Jennifer Guiola, Martial Arts Champion
Kober follows a rigorous training schedule and balanced diet to stay in top shape. She also uses TAHITIAN Noni® Juice to keep her edge. Kober explains: “TAHITIAN Noni® Juice helps me fill up my energy tanks. Since I started drinking the juice I have been feeling great.“
Amelie Kober, Winter Games Olympic Medalist
Grødum considers TAHITIAN Noni® Juice a crucial part of his current nutrition and atletic training plan. He explained, “I have been drinking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice since the spring and have noticed that I have more energy before and after training; I also recover faster than before.”
Øystein Grødum, World-renowned Skater from Norway
Tilson attributes much of his success and recent accomplishments to drinking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice. “While using font color="maroon">TAHITIAN Noni® Juice as part of my diet, I attempted my heaviest squat in training of all time—taking 1,000 lbs and walking with it before squatting. That's a lifetime best. I feel that being in my 40s, still competing at the world level and able to push up to 1,000+ lbs in the squat, is all that's necessary to say that my body benefits from drinking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice. I never even attempted such heavy weights prior to taking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice. The word 'amazing' simply does not do this product justice. Drinking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice has been wonderful for me!”
Rocky Tilson, World Class Weightlifter
Guinness explains the demands of his work: “On competition days, my needs cover all aspects of energy, alertness, stamina, concentration, and staying power. During the course of my day I will start by telling the state what the surf is doing, then set up the contest arena. Then I commentate and compete round after round, sometimes in up to three divisions, for nine or ten hours with no chance of a timeout. Then I do the prize giving." “Thanks to TAHITIAN Noni® Juice, I don’t run out of energy when I need it and I can really maintain my focus. This juice has enhanced my life in so many areas”
Josh Guinness, Professional Surfer
Hader was introduced to TAHITIAN Noni® Juice at the beginning of 2004, and it quickly became a regular part of her diet plan. She explains, “TAHITIAN Noni® Juice gives me enormous amounts of energy. I drink it every day, before and after my workouts.” “TAHITIAN Noni® Juice has been phenomenal in helping me maintain my stamina during workouts. It assists in a speedy recovery, I don’t feel the usual soreness, and I am pumped and full of energy again the next day. Additionally, TAHITIAN Noni® Juice greatly supports my immune system.”
Eileen Hader, International Gold Medalist, Chinese Martial Arts
TAHITIAN Noni® Juice is an integral part of Bruce’s everyday regimen, and he has introduced it to some of his squad members and fellow competitors as a result of his success with the product. He explains, “I have tried countless natural supplements in order to improve and enhance my performance, but I continually found that there were no long-term positive effects and I didn't feel any better from taking them. “TAHITIAN Noni® Juice on the other hand has become an integral part of my regime as a result of its ability to boost my immune system, aid in my recovery after heavy training sessions and events, and improve my energy and performance levels through better general well being. I am also impressed with the fact that TAHITIAN Noni® Juice is one hundred percent natural.”
Bruce Taylor, Australian Surf Life Saving and Paddle Board Champion
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