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Welcome to our website. We are Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultants. Most people from the Ukraine the who visit our website would like to enjoy better health. Morinda Bioactives
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TAHITIAN Noni® Juice contains over 140 identified nutraceuticals over 7 vitamins and some minerals.

TNI's patented manufacturing process adds a small amount of grape juice and blueberry juice to increase the level of antioxidants in their product. Beyond these two fruit juices, no other compounds or preservatives are added. TAHITIAN NONI Juice is simply pure fruit juice.

The pasteurized juice is packaged in recyclable tinted glass bottles to ensure a shelf life of at least 18 months.

Morinda Bioactives products are distributed through a company called TNI Access and a group of Independent Product Consultants such as in the Ukraine. Please note that the sale of TAHITIAN Noni® Juice is controlled by a policy of "Personal Use Only" by TNI Access and Tahitian Noni International These are legal requirements imposed on all Independent Morinda Bioactives Product Consultants.

Because TNI Access purchases product on behalf of individual Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultants in countries which are open for business under MLM rules and then ships this product to countries where Morinda Bioactives is not YET in business, a number of special restrictions have been put into place. These include the following:

  • Each case of TAHITIAN Noni® Juice is stamped with the words "Personal Use Only".
  • All invoice/packslips from Morinda Bioactives include the words "Personal Use Only".
  • TNI Access will limit the amounts of product purchased by individual IPC to REASONABLE quantities (1-5 cases per month can be considered reasonable).
  • Although TNI Access does NOT give tax advice, it is generally accepted that in those countries with a VAT (Value Added Tax) the final consumer pays said VAT taxes and cannot reclaim them. VAT is included in the price of goods. "Personal Use Only" negates the option for reclaiming VAT paid.
  • TNI Access reserves the right to refuse shipment to any Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultant who fails to follow these restrictions.

Kyiv, Charkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Doneck

“I began drinking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice and after a few weeks I noticed my endurance levels were higher and my ability to perform late in the fourth quarter had improved. I’m glad I tried it! Now it is a valuable part of my workout regimen.”
Chauncey Billups, Professional Basket Ball Player
“As a professional athlete, I know my body very well and quickly notice what is good for me. After my first two bottles of TAHITIAN Noni® Juice, I felt energetic and I decided I would never go without it. Today I regularly drink TAHITIAN Noni® Juice at tournaments and in training.”
Ya-Ni Tseng, Professional Golfer
“Drinking TAHITIAN Noni® Juice is a wonderful and natural way to maintain my health and energy. I also take the Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® vitamins and minerals to make sure that I am giving my body all the nutrients it needs,” Lately, I need all the energy I can get, so thank you Morinda Bioactives for HIRO™ Energy!”
Rita Verros, TV Host, Model and Actress
“I am a pro-consumer of Tahitian Noni® products, and TAHITIAN Noni® Juice and products has revolutionized my life,” he says. “I grew up in Jamaica where noni grows wild along the coastline and in the rural areas of the Island. I grew up in a health conscious home where drinking noni was part of my daily routine, especially when I started running track. I was introduced to TAHITIAN Noni® Juice by an IPC, and it tasted great! I knew how great noni is; great health is invaluable, and so I don’t place a price on my health.”
Isa Phillips, Middle distance runner/400 meter hurdles athlete
“I still remember that I had a shocking and deep impression about the juice on the following morning of my first tasting,” he says. I have been drinking the juice since then, and I truly feel I have been able to keep myself in good health with it. TAHITIAN Noni® Juice really made me think deeply about the importance of my body and health as an athlete, and also it has brought me a lot of good things since I got to know about the juice.
Takahide Sedi, Professional Snowboarder
Simone is convinced that a balanced, healthy diet and the right balance between physical exertion and relaxation considerably improves her well-being and contributes to a positive attitude in life. She is also one of the numerous TAHITAN Noni® Juice fans—by conviction. She says: “With TAHITIAN Noni® Juice, I feel full of energy every day, and I am ready to face the day ahead. I feel like I sleep better, and even in stressful times I feel more relaxed.”
Simone Denkinger, Biathlon athlete, Champion 2006 – soldier-athlete
Geraldine who is a true “Supermum” states of her world titles “I am living the dream relatively injury free, happy, healthy and I attribute this to my use of TAHITIAN Noni® Juice as a great supplement to my daily diet as it gives me the energy I need to get through the 6 hours a day 6 days a week training. It also aids with supporting my natural defences to keep me going. As a qualified beautician also, I noticed my nails are longer and stronger, my hair is shiner and my skin is clearer.”
Geraldine Finegan, 3 Times World Master’s Champion
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