What are Iridoids?

The most potent bioactives in noni are iridoids. The iridoids in Morinda TruAge MAX and the Tahitian Noni® Juice have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful free radicals, help maintain healthy HDL cholesterol at already normal levels, increase energy, promote heart health, enhance the immune system, and protect cells.* This is why Tahitian Noni® products are known worldwide as a powerful health supplement. The presence of iridoids in the Tahitian Noni® products explains why noni has long been a folk remedy in the tropics and why it is so effective. The most potent noni fruit are grown in the French Polynesian islands near Tahiti and only fruit from the French Polynesian islands are used to make Tahitian Noni International’s products.

The noni fruit’s potency is also why many professional athletes use Tahitian Noni® Juice and TruAge MAX to increase their performance levels and enhance their ability to recover quickly from strenuous physical exercise.

Scientists have known for a long time that iridoids are powerful phytochemicals produced by plants as a defense against other threats. While Buy Morinda products Online iridoids are found in a large percentage of plants, they are not common in fruits. In fact, noni is such an exception to the common rules about fruits it has become known as a medicinal fruit plant in recent years.

Iridoid is a generic term derived from the name iridomyrmecin, iridolactone, and iridodial compounds. Bioactive BeveragsAn iridoid is a simple metabolite consisting of a six member arrangement of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The simple arrangement of the chemical compound is why iridoids are so hardy and they resist degradation during the processing of the noni fruit into the various Morinda Bioactive Products. It also explains why the iridoids do not break down in the presence of heat and oxygen or light during storage.

Many nutritional supplements that have fruit as an ingredient lose their potency once pasteurised which is why the common advice of eat your fruit raw is extremely important. The 12 different iridoids in noni retain their potency after processing because the iridoid chemical bonds do not crack under pressure of the processing process. In the case of noni however drinking TruAge MAX or Tahitian Noni® Juice is just as good as eating the noni raw.

Here are some facts about Iridoids

In plants the iridoids are a powerful defence against herbivores because they are responsible for the strong bitter taste.

Because raw noni is extremely strong tasting and it is generally mixed with other fruit juices. TruAge Pure, a bioactive beverage made only from noni is rapidly becoming a favourite of Morinda customers. Previously the only source of pure noni available was raw fruit and that required that you live in the French Polynesian Islands and have a Noni fruit tree nearby from which you could pick ripe fruit.

In fact this bitter taste of the raw fruit is why TruAge Original is so popular among our customers. TruAge Original is a combination of noni puree and a small amount of concentrated blueberry juice that removes the strong taste. This blending has helped make it the number one noni bioactive beverage in the world.

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