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Become an Independent Product Consultant - Required to Order Morinda Bioactives products
  • Maximun Savings on personal purchases with purchase of Independent Product Consultant Kit.
  • Enables you earn both retail and residual income on sales.
  • and Morinda Bioactives (Tahitian Noni International) will help you become a successful Independent Product Consultant. 

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Distributorship Starter Package
Distributor Kit & Autoship Case of TAHITIAN NONIĀ® Juice
Autoship == One case will be charged and sent automatically to you on 15th of each month.
By ordering a starter kit above, you will be signing up as an Tahitian Noni International Independent Product Consultant in our network of IPCs called Group and entitled for personalized service and training from our team of professionals. If your ordered the Autoship Option you will also be subscribed to the Monthly Autoship program to ensure you are buying at the lowest prices.

One Case - Four 1 Litre Bottles$US10,750.00
Morinda Core MAX - 120mg/60ml of Iridoids
ONE 750ml - Bottle of Morinda Core Max$US12,600.00

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 One Case of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice contains four one litre bottles. One QUAD contains 4L, the same as four bottles in a case.
 Starter kit/sign up sign up fee is non-refundable.
 All orders subject to confirmation of payment.
 The order will be promptly shipped to you from the nearest TNI warehouse to the Label shipping address you entered above.

If you ordered a starter kit, it will be similar to this image and will contain a complete description of all the products the compensation plan and DVD's explain the products and business aspects. is a very active Independent Product Consultant of Morinda Bioactives products world wide. We would be glad to help you become a success IPC anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions please send them to orders01 @

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