Morinda TruAge Max & TAHITIAN NONI® Juice - Canada is a Canadian Morinda Bioactives Independent Product Consultant. From Vancouver we sell TruAge Max, TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and other Morinda Bioactive's products everywhere in Canada and around the world.

When people are asked what TAHITIAN Noni® Juice has done for them, the three most common answers are: feeling more energetic and a greater stamina than they have had for a long time; a sense of well-being or restfulness and they sleep well at night.

This is no surprise since TAHITIAN NONI Juice works on several different levels of the body helping it function the way it is supposed to. The reason TAHITIAN NONI Juice is so effective is because it benefits the digestive system, the immune system, the circulatory system and the skin and hair.

TAHITIAN NONI Juice sold in Canada has over 140 identified nutraceuticals, over 7 vitamins and some minerals.

Morinda Bioactive adds a small amount of blueberry and grape juice to increase the level of powerful antioxidants. This also helps remove the bitter taste of the noni fruit. Beyond these two fruit juices, no other compounds or preservatives are mixed into the TAHITIAN NONI Juice. To ensure a shelf life of over 18 months the pasteurized juice is packaged in recyclable tinted green glass bottles.

Since most of our customers drink approximately four bottles (one case) each month they prefer to buy at the IPC discounted prices. By purchasing the Starter Kit with your first case of juice you will be enrolled as a Morinda Bioactive Independent Product Consultant and enjoy this privilege.

Buy Morinda products OnlineMorinda uses the sweetness and pleasant taste of both blueberry and grape juices to enhance the taste and the healthy benefits of its TAHITIAN NONI Juice product. Each bottle is guaranteed by a sophisticated quality assurance program to contain only purée from fresh Tahitian Morinda Citrifolia fruit picked by certified harvesters.


Studies show that drinking three to four ounces of TAHITIAN Noni® Juice each day helps maintain cholesterol at existing normal levels.

Immune System

Research has shown that TAHITIAN Noni® Juice actually supports and helps maintain your immune system, allowing it to more freely fulfill its role.


Studies show that TAHITIAN NONI Juice increases energy when consumed consistently over time.


With its combination of antioxidant-rich fruit juices, TAHITIAN NONI Juice is one of the world's great super-antioxidants.

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